Neotech NEP-3200: UP-OCC Copper Mains Cable

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Neotech NEP-3200: UP-OCC Copper Mains Cable

The NEP-3200 is the top specification copper-based Neotech mains cables. Consisting of 16 solid core 17 AWG (1.15mm diameter) individual sheathed in FEP (fluoropolymer) insulation conductors, the diameter with a sheathing of each conductor is 2mm. The 16 x 17 AWG conductors converts to 9AWG. The Neotech NEP-3200 uses UP-OCC (Ohno continuous cast) copper so the purity and structure are second to none. Each wire is woven around a fibre-filled PVC core to maintain structural integrity, and minimize conductor movement. The Neotech NEP-3200 is among the best bulk cables on the market and is especially ideal for high current amplifiers, as well as feeding power strips or line conditioners.

The 16 conductors are composed of 6 x blue sheathed (NEUTRAL), 6 x red sheathed (LIVE) and 4 x clear sheathed (EARTH). The overall diameter is 15mm.

You have the option of using either these or these plugs with this cable.

PRICE per 0.25m length
£51.92 +vat+p&p

Sold in 0.25m multiples, we supply in a continuous length, so if you require 1m then please order 4 off.


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