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Neotech NEVD-2001 Pure Silver Digital Cable - 75 Ohm

Neotech NEVD-2001 Pure Silver Digital Cable - 75 Ohm

NEVD series cables are specially design for Digital Audio and Video signal transmission. As the characteristic of Digital Audio/Video signal is for delivery of ultra high frequencies, the concept of how to minimize the signal loss is the key for Neotech design team. NEOTECH NEVD- a coaxial design cable with the feature 75 ohm impedance which provides wide bandwidth to reduce jitter & give maximum resolution. For digital audio and HDTV video application.

The Neotech NEVD-2001 has a pure Pure Sliver conductor with quad shielding. The conductor is insulated with Physics Foam Polyethylene, then Cu-Mylar Screen Foil, then Microporous PTFE and a SP-OFC Braided Shielding.

Bare conductor diameter 0.64mm, Overall cable diameter 7.5mm

Price (per 0.25m)


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