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Neotech NEI-2002 Pure Silver Interconnect Cable

Neotech NEI-2002 Pure Silver Interconnect Cable

NEI-2000 series audio interconnect cable is designed for the silver sound lover.

NEI-2002 is air and polyethylene insulated to achieve smooth treble and good transparency. This wire has three types of of shielding; Microporous PTFE, AL-Mylar, and Silver Plated OFC braided.
The cable consists of 2 conductors of solid core pure silver wire, each of 0.58mm diameter. These are PE insulated in red and blue each with a outer diameter of 1.8mm. Padding out the centre core are 5 x 1.8mm diameter PE air insulator tubes. As you progress to the outer layer there is Teflon covering, an AL-Mylar screen, a silver plated OFC plated braided, a nylon braid, the outer PVC jacket and then finally the decorative expandable sleeving. The outer diameter is 11mm.

Price per 0.25m

Sold by the mono 0.25 metre, supplied in continuous lengths. So for a 1m stereo interconnect cable please order 0.25m x8.


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