Neotech NEI-3002 MKIII, UP-OCC Copper Interconnect Cable

Neotech NEI-3002 mkIII, UP-OCC Copper Interconnect Cable

The MKIII version is essentially the same cable as the original but has UP-OCC copper and silver-plated UP-OCC copper strands in each conductor. NEI-3002 III is a twisted balance type cable with UP-OCC conductors. In addition to Polyethylene insulation as a dielectric, it uses Cu-Mylar screen foil & OCC copper braided shielding to maintain better signal performance and noise rejection. Neotech has long been a leader in producing wire and cable using "single crystal" UP-OCC Copper, developed by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. UP-OCC copper is at least 99.99998% pure and has an average crystal size of 125 meters. Compare this to the average crystal size of Oxygen Free Copper, which is .02 meters (3/4"). UP-OCC copper and silver are considered the ultimate in copper and silver conductor technology today. The Neotech NEI-3002 MKIII is a balanced twisted pair style cable that uses UP-OCC copper technology with a polyethylene dielectric, heavy copper foil shield, as well as an OCC copper braided shield for the ultimate in signal transmission and shielding. Due to the large outside diameter of this cable, the Neotech RCA connectors will be the best fit on this cable. The Neotech RCAs also have a centre pin made from UP-OCC making them the ideal connector for this cable. Obviously, other RCA plugs can be used too. There are 2 conductors, red and black, each with an outside diameter of 3mm and an inner wire diameter of 1.1mm.

RCA wiring:
RCA Plug at the pre-amplifier end: screen + black conductor to RCA earth. Red conductor to RCA signal.
RCA Plug at the amplifier end: black conductor - RCA earth (screen cut short, not connected). Red conductor to RCA signal.

Outside Diameter: 10.7 mm
Conductor Gauge: 19 AWG, 73 strands
Conductor Type: multi-gauge stranded UP-OCC Copper conductor

Sold by the mono metre, supplied in continuous lengths. So for a 1m stereo interconnect cable you will need 2 metres. 

PRICE per meter
£34.62 +vat +p&p

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