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Neotech NECE-3001: Copper Litz UP-OCC IEM / Headphone Cable

Neotech NECE-3001: Copper Litz UP-OCC IEM / Headphone Cable

Neotech's NECE-3001 is an IEM cable (in ear monitor) with 4 Litz UP-OCC copper conductors, PVC insulation and black Nylon sheath.

Each strand of the 4 conductors is polyurethane coated, this reduces the skin effect giving optimum performance. This coating needs to be removed before use. This is best achieved by using a solder bath or runnng the exposed end repeatedly through a bubble of molten solder on the tip of a hot soldering iron. Such a design is particularly suitable for audio use as it improves conductivity and limits cable resistivity, resulting in superb audio reproduction.

Overall diameter: 3mm
Conductor with insulation: 0.9mm
Copper conductor: 0.6mm

A multimeter is essential to use this cable to identify the conductors. The cable is built up of 4 conductors 2 red and 2 blue. The cable is not shielded
The 4 conductors are made up of the same thickness and number of strands. Wire them as detailed below. Where there is only one point for the earth join on your plug / socket join the right and left earth wires together.

Left channel signal - 1 x blue
Left channel earth - 1 x blue
Right channel signal - 1 x red
Right channel earth - 1 x red

Price (per 0.5m)
£6.67 +vat +p&p

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