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Neotech NEI-4002 Silver Plated OFC Copper Interconnect

Neotech NEI-4002 interconeect cable

Neotech NEI-4002 Silver Plated OFC Copper Interconnect Cable, NEI-4000 series is SP-OFC (Silver Plated Oxygen Free Copper) audio interconnect cables.

Amazing low cost interconnect cable.

The cable consists of 2 conductors of multistrand OFC copper wire, each of 0.63mm diameter. These are PE insulated in red and blue each with an outer diameter of 2.2mm. Padding out PP net filler. As you progress to the outer layer there is Aluminium Mylar screen covering, and then a tinned plated OFC plated braided and finally, the outer PVC jacket. The outer diameter is 8.5mm.

Sold by the mono metre, supplied in continuous lengths. So for a 1m stereo interconnect cable you will need 2 metres. 

Price (Per Mono Meter)

£7.09 +vat +p&p

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