Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver Oil Capacitors

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Mundorf MCap Supreme Silver Oil Capacitors

The MCap® SUPREME silver/oil is an oil impregnated metallised polypropylene dielectric capacitor. As the name indicates, high-purity silver is used for the capacitor coating, and the winding is impregnated with a special oil developed in an exhaustive series of experiments and listening tests. Both these features contribute to a fuller and smoother tonal richness and diversity. Our state-of-the-art metallised polypropylene foils make it possible to maintain extremely low production tolerances that cannot be achieved with traditional oil/paper capacitor designs.

This is also the first time that the benefits of oil-impregnated capacitor design have been successfully combined with the well-known long-term stability of metallised paper and internal series wiring for induction-free SUPREME performance.

Its lively reproduction of music impresses in particular with its subtly dynamic speed, precision and marked fine detail.

Directionality: Due to the induction-free winding technology in Mundirf's supreme ranges, there is not a preferred direction of installation.

Technical specifications:
Dielectric: Polypropylene
Dielectric strengh: 1200 VDC
Loss factor: tan θ = 0.0002 at 1kHz; 0.0001 at 10kHz

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