Mundorf ECap Power Electrolytic Capacitors for Car Radios

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Mundorf ECap Power Electrolytic Capacitors for Car Radios

Storage capacitors are basic equipment for every high-class car stereo. Because no audio system is better than its power supply!

The installation should be performed by an expert only. Also, any follow-up works on the car’s electrical system have to be performed with utmost caution (danger of short circuit).

Mundorf HeadCaps solve almost every car receiver problem caused by voltage issues, like:

  • Flickering monitors
  • Losing navigation data while start/stop processes
  • Losing phone connections while start/stop processes


  • More detailed, subtle and powerful music reproduction
  • Available as an on-board computer-friendly version (MPC68i)
  • Relieves and protects batteries and alternators
  • Follow-me-home-music


  • Connectors: Ø1,80xL300 mm
  • Temperature range: -40°C/-40°F...+85°C/+185°F
  • Conductor Material: Aluminium Foil
  • Winding technology: Standard

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