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Mundorf Mlytic HP+ Electrolytic Capacitors

Mundorf Mlytic HP+ Electrolytic Capacitor

The series MLytic® HP and MLytic® HP + are high performance power supply capacitors, specifically designed for applications, that operate at high voltages.
These capacitors, which were originally developed for use in lasers and inverters, so they are incredibly powerful. They have a low ESR value and high ripple currents with high voltage, providing large capacitance. The terminals are M6 screw type.
A new innovation for Mundorf is their 4 pole technology. Positive and negative input terminals and positive and negative ouput terminals. Thus each capacitor has four terminals. This provide superbs performance and long life.
The best high capacitance, high voltage reservoir capacitor currently available, by a long margin.



Capacitance range 1000uF to 6800uF
Temperature range -25 to +125°C
RoHS compliant, lead-free
Voltage rating 500Vdc


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