Mundorf MCap EVO Capacitors

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Mundorf MCap EVO Capacitors

The new EVO, range of capacitors from Mundorf incorporate their amazing EVOLUTION winding technology. This features an unusually narrow but tall capacitor reel. This format results in two benfits over the normal dimensioning of capacitors. Firstly, as a shorter width is required the signal path between the huge contact areas is greatly reduced, thus an extremely low equivalent series resistance/ESR is achieved. Secondly, in order to achieve the same capacitance the number of paralleled windings is larger than with regular caps, thus an minimized equivalent series inductivity/ESL is achieved.

The winding process is incredibly precise, the reels are spooled by hand in especially developed housing. Resulting in near avoidance of vibration and microphonic effects during the winding process. Furthermore Mundorf use the purest Polypropylene foil vaporized with the thickest metal layer possible. The Capacitors are manufactured with one leadout larger than the other to allow for horizontal and vertical mounting, the shorter lead also indicates the caps outer foil.

The first in the series is the MCap EVO Aluminium capacitor. Offering a lively, detailed and transparent performance. This is the direct successor to Mundorf`s RXF range. Providing a surprisingly inexpensive entry into the audiophile EVO line-up.


  • Capacitance range 0.01uF to 330uF
  • Temperature range -25 to +125°C
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free
  • Voltage rating 250Vdc to 650Vdc

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