Mundorf MLytic HV+ Electrolytic Capacitors

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Mundorf MLytic HV+ Electrolytic Capacitors

The MLytic® HV+, high voltage audio grade power cap is especially designed for power supply applications in valve amplifiers. Utilising Mundorf`s innovative dual pole technology, they have a positive and negative input terminals and positive and negative ouput terminals. Thus each capacitor has four 1.2mm diameter x 9mm height tin plated copper terminals. They provide superb performance and long life. These electrolyic capacitors are non-magnetic. The MLGO+ glue-on series have circular self-adhesive foam pads, when fitting to a PCB these provide vibration dampening for the capacitor.  If the pads are not required they can be taken off easily.


  • Capacitance range 100uF to 680uF
  • Temperature range -25 to +125°C
  • RoHS compliant, lead-free
  • see below chart for specific specs.

Check product pages for exact sizes and price.

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